Human Resources Advisors of Colorado: Outstanding Experience

Human Resources Advisors of Colorado will help you ...


  • Develop a strategic focus
  • Effeciently manage the transactions
  • Overcome the short supply of experienced human resources staff and leadership
  • Maintain legal compliance
  • Improve competitiveness
  • Increase cost-effectiveness
  • Increase productivity
  • Drive out bureaucracy
  • Improve profitability


Accomplished by:


  • Improving staffing practices
  • Developing competitive compensation and benefit plans
  • Cutting turnover, absenteeism, accident rates and discrimination complaints
  • Improving employee relations

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Human Resources Advisors of Colorado provides client firms with expertise in:


  • Human resources management and development of human resources leadership
  • Outsourced human resources management
  • Linking the human resources strategies to the organization's vision, mission, strategies and objectives
  • Organizational assessment and design
  • Simplifying human resources processes
  • Improving the credibility of the human resources organization
  • Compensation programs ... surveys, consultation, sales and management incentive programs
  • Merger and acquisition evaluation, due diligence and integration
  • Staffing
  • Employee communications plans
  • Human resources policies and procedures
  • Employee handbooks
  • Regulatory compliance preparation including Affirmative Action Plans and EEOC audits/enforcement actions
  • Employee relations assessments and solutions
  • Training and development
  • Safety
  • Diversity