Our Consultants

Our many years of experience in managing various business functions are what makes us an expert at meeting your company's needs.

Mick Roberts


Mick is a consultant, facilitator, coach, trainer and a principal with Human Resources Advisors of
Colorado. He has more than three decades of generalist experience with Fortune 500 and Fortune 100 companies. Before joining Human Resources Advisors of Colorado, he was the senior human resources executive for a $2.4 billion aerospace and industrial products company. He is known for his integrity and leadership skills as well as being an individual who has stayed abreast with  state-of- the-art human resources practices and technology. When there is a job to be done, he is "not afraid to roll up his sleeves and go to work." He is as comfortable on the shop floor as he is in the boardroom. His background is diverse having worked on both coasts and many places in between as well as having spent significant time in Europe and Asia. He values ethnic,gender and cultural differences and is comfortable in a wide variety of settings. Mick is comfortable with, and competent in, a broad spectrum of activities including on-site human resources support. He has a special passion for activities aligning the human resources function with organization’s vision, values and strategies as well as the simplification of the human resources processes. These include:


  • Employee relations climate assessment and improvement.
  • Simplification consulting, training and process development.
  • Merger and acquisition evaluation, due diligence and integration.
  • Compensation system/reward system analysis, design and
  • Management and organizational coaching, counseling and
  • Facilitation, teambuilding and conflict resolution.
  • Sexual harassment awareness training.


Mick Roberts is a graduate of Purdue University with a degree in Industrial Management/Industrial Engineering. He is a member of the Society of Human Resources Management, and several civic and public service organizations.



Mark Kozin 

Over 25 years of domestic and international HR Generalist experience with Fortune 500 companies in high technology, industrial capital goods, food/beverage processing, and insurance has provided Mark with a solid and varied business background. Mark considers himself a global business leader who specializes in the Human Resource profession. He prides himself as a true HR Generalist, comfortable in all areas of Human Resources.


One of the original principals, Mark has served many clients since joining Human Resources Advisors of Colorado. He provides support on a project basis, but admittedly enjoys serving as the total outsourced HR solution, becoming part of the client organization as their part time outsourced HR Manager. Success to Mark is determined by the productivity and profitability gains experienced by his clients.  Mark’s values and beliefs epitomize the Human Resources Advisors of Colorado principles: providing HR services and support designed to facilitate the goal attainment of  the client organization, doing so with reasonably priced, state-of-the-art HR expertise, counsel, and support.


Mark Kozin graduated from Susquehanna University with a degree in Sociology. He attended and successfully completed Cornell University’s Core Human Resources Executive Development Program.