Employee Relations Assessment and Improvement

Human Resources Advisors Consultants and Associates provide assessments of your employee relations climate.


Poor employee relations drains energy from your organization and results in:

  • Decreased Productivity
  • Higher Costs
  • Discrimination Complaints
  • Lawsuits
  • Disruptions

Employees expect the leadership of the organization to know and respond to issues in the workplace. 

Employees express dissatisfaction in many ways ... poor productivity, tardiness or lack of engagement in the business. If they feel management is not listening and/or not responding to the issues, they may take other avenues for relief. This results in turnover, complaints to local, state and federal agencies (DOL, EEOC, etc.), lawsuits, and other disruptive actions.


Employees expect solutions! 

People expect the management staff to resolve the underlying problems that plague the organization and cause employee dissatisfaction.


Are you seeing the signals? 

Sometimes the signs are obvious. Sometimes they are below the surface.  Frequently the underlying problems are not clear.


Early detection and corrective action are the best remedies. 

Lawsuits and agency actions are expensive. They are like a cancer on essential elements of your organization. Early detection of employee dissatisfaction and corrective action are the most effective means of restoring or enhancing a healthy climate in your organization.


Human Resources Advisors Reduces your Costs and Enhances the
Bottom Line


Identifying the Cause and Leading the Group to a Solution


Identifying problems and gathering complaints are easy. Solutions are the hard part. HRA utilizes a four-phase process to achieve successful outcomes. 

  • Identify the issues ... Positive as well as negative.    
  • Rank the issue ... Focus on the most important negative and positive issues ... look at the 20% of the issues that generate 80% of the dissatisfaction or satisfaction. 
  • Assess the trends ... Is the situation improving, staying the same or deteriorating? It is important to know! 
  • Develop solutions ... Where practical, the participants take responsibility for actions to mitigate the negative issues or enhance the positive issues. Where support is needed from higher levels in the organization, the participants are asked to provide recommendations for improvement.

The process encourages participants to take ownership in improving the working environment. Often participants in the Climate Assessment discover they have many options open to them that lead to better working conditions, improve communications and create a better, more productive place to work.



The workshop employs simple, well-tested group facilitation and problem
analysis techniques combined in a unique way and led by experience


Workshop Logistics 

The workshop consists of one or more assessment groups, depending on the size of the organization. The facilitators refine the group input and present the findings to the management staff within hours of the completion of the workshop. An in-depth analysis follows promptly.


Why Human Resources Advisors? 

We have decades of experience with scores of clients who have reduced
costs and improved the bottom line though increased productivity by
successfully improving employee and labor relations.